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Preserving the natural beauty around us through art.

South African/ Dutch abstract art photographer Olivier Calkoen has perfected his style through self-exploration.

Inspired by the beauty in nature, Olivier aims to fuel people’s imaginations through making normally unseen environments visible to the naked eye.

Olivier explores self-made macro and abstract worlds as well as the conceptual beauty in everyday life, from crystals to minerals and metals.  This website is a showcase of his best work.

Olivier: ‘’Using a macro lens allows you to explore beyond what we perceive as reality, opening up a whole new world of artistry.''



21st - 24th October  - Cross Town - Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam


Exhibitions & Events:

23rd April - Corals - Ijland Amsterdam
4th - 18th May - Kunstuitleen - Rotterdam
24-26 June - Art Nordic - Copenhagen
8th - 31st August - Cult North - Rotterdam
9th - 11th September - EM Studio Gallery - Amsterdam (Solo Exhibition)
21st & 22nd October - Cross Town - Amsterdam Dance Event - Amsterdam


Album / EP Artworks

Egbert - Shake EP - Gem Records
7th Star - Beyond the Fall EP - Gem Records

VA - Explore EP - DNA Records
Najel Monteiro - Synnabel Lectus EP - DNA Records
VA - Rejected EP - DNA Records
Pushmann - Confessions of Funk EP - DNA Records
Antony Doria - Metropolis EP - DNA Records
VA - Bells of Chernobyl EP - DNA Records
VA - Locator EP - DNA Records
Emiel Zwart - Reputation EP - DNA Records

Unstable Dynamics (IA017) - Immaterial Archives  


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